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I wouldn’t exactly call these two wheeled terrors in as much as I’d say they were just a bunch of motor-heads having a great time. All the right elements are there including fast bikes, hot chicks and some good old fashion hooliganism.

Julien Dupont

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The French extreme motorcyclist, Julien Dupont, is travelling around the world and shooting the third sequel of the movie “Ride the World” also visited Belgrade. During his four days in the Serbian capital, Julien explored every nook and cranny of the city, both in the city centre and its suburbs. The main goal of the visit was taking photos and shooting video material.

This intrepid young man from Lyon (France) has been occupied with the extreme motorcycling, a discipline known in the world as TrialX, and is regarded as one of its founders. TrialX requires riders to pass “the obstacles” such as stairs, buildings, balustrades, jump from one building onto another and perform many other remarkable stunts.

The inspiration for such ventures and his attempts to transcend human limitations in motorbike riding Julien finds in unusual buildings and monuments. He is constantly proving that there isn’t anything impossible by doing stunts all over Belgrade, but also in many other locations, like Acropolis in Greece, Count Dracula’s Castle in Romania and the building of the Centre of New Industries and Technologies in Paris.
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